Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Summertime clean out!

Well, I have spent the first official days of summer relaxing and cleaning. Last Friday, our precious nurse @ NPE, Sharon, took Kathy and I to the Piedmont Club for lunch. Oh my! We enjoyed some delicious food. The fried shrimp were to die for, not to mention the dozen or more desserts they had. This weekend was spent doing errands, etc. Yesterday, I started on the pile of laundry. I think the washer and dryer ran all day. This morning I enjoyed a reception honoring my dear friend and second Mama, Diane Hall. Tomorrow she will celebrate her 25th anniversary at Christian Supply. Then, sister Pam and I went to the dump to take the old couch....it was kinda sad to see it get smushed by the HUGE tractor thing. The rest of the afternoon will be spent cleaning the floors I have uncovered over the past few days! ;)

See you tomorrow night!


Anonymous said...

I hate that you experienced the Landfill without me! I LOVE to watch that big 'ole thing run over stuff. I would like to drive it just once......JH