Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Auntie juju!

So my phone rings @ 8:00 this morning and yes, I was asleep on the couch...(one of the GREATEST joys of vacation...letting Molly out and then crawling on the couch to finish my nap!)...forgive me, I's #1 nephew Rob on the phone...Sadie had gotten up @ 4am and thrown up, so could she come and stay with her auntie juju because Andrea left this morning for Charleston. Sure, she can....I have to say it was an uneventful day as compared to their previous history couch is still intact! Sadie and Molly enjoyed each other's company...we played outside, rode to the bank...just enjoyed this beautiful summer day. in fact, Molly is in a coma on her bed and snoring because she is so tired! You should have seen Molly's little head...her hair was sticking up all over the place from Sadie playing with her. Toooooo funny!

We had a great choir rehearsal. We missed several of you!!!! Hope to see you Sunday. We are singing "Giving Thanks" from Redeemed. See you then!