Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Morning Announcements!

  • You are the best! I am still amazed at what God continues to do in our midst.
  • We WILL NOT have choir practice tomorrow night. So many of you worked so very hard to make this past weekend a reality and you deserve a night off. My first round of PACT materials are due for shipment on Thursday morning, so pray for me...I will be here until it's done on Wednesday night!
  • We WILL NOT be singing(not even praise and worship, which will be very short due to baby dedication) on Sunday morning. Our children's choir will be leading us!
  • May ensemble & Orchestra...please meet @ 7:45, but BE ON TIME. Only a welcome song and one worship song....
  • Please keep my dad in your prayers. We are waiting the dr. to read an EKG to decide if he needs to see a cardiologist. This dr is saying his heart is very weak. Yesterday, they gave him a double dose of one of his medications by mistake and he went from being coherent to sleeping most of the day and being confused and groggy when he was awake.
  • Remember you are loved by me.

juju :)


alison said...

Good luck with the PACT test stuff! I will praying for you! I know this week is getting stressed! Just remember Patrick and I love you!
Miss ya!

jkstrib said...

I love you toooooooooooo! I love the beach pics on your blog. They were great!

Anonymous said...

Know that you are being prayed for by many. Now is the time for your choir family to hold your arms up in prayer, just like Aaron and Moses. YOU ARE LOVED!

jkstrib said...

I can feel the prayers surround me. They are carrying me right now. If I had to depend on my own strength right now, I couldn't have gotten out of the bed this morning. God is SO faithful and His mercies are new EVERY morning. Praise be to God for His indescribable gift of family and friends. I love you all more than I can say!!