Monday, May 7, 2007

The Family of God

All during the morning as I have scurried all over the building, I have been recalling all the wonderful events of yesterday. It was one of those days which will forever be carved deeply in my memory. Here are some things the Lord impressed upon me as to why it will leave an indelible mark on my life....

  1. As I stood on the edge of the stage yesterday and looked at all the seats that would soon be filled and thought about all I have seen the Lord bring us through over the past 12 years, it was quite an emotional moment for me. I have seen His hand move so faithfully through good times and extremely difficult times in my own life and in the life of AMRBC.
  2. I watched in awe of all the hundreds of volunteers worked diligently to make this day a reality....all with a spirit of servanthood...moving risers, sweeping floors, setting up equipment...
  3. An anointed pastor and an anointed message. God 's hand is on our young man of God. We are blessed.
  4. The mass choir...(I still can't believe we got all those children up there without any trouble...God is good!)...the future of our church is very bright.
  5. David, the youth soloist...he took my breath away and I heard him rehearse last Sunday...truly awesome. Thank you, Sara Beth for recommending we use him.
  6. The story about Mrs. Genoble reduced me to sobs. The picture of sacrifice. Thank you Lord for godly examples in my life.
  7. Then finally, last night at Wellford...incredible. I appreciate those of you who, despite being worn out, were there to support and love on Steve. I am especially moved by those who didn't have the opportunity to know and love Steve and came...your heart is in the right place because as Steve would's not about Steve, it's all about Jesus. Your sacrifice did not go unnoticed.
  8. The time is now. I can't wait to see what God has in store for us. History was made yesterday.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe how long you had to sit last night on that piano bench with no back on it!! I literally HURT for you! But God's grace abounds as smiled and made it through.

Thank you for ALL your planning and hard work! I love praising God together with you. Jill

Keri said...

your faith and and your sacrifice is really an inspriration and testimony to me. When I think of how we landed at AMRBC and what a family we have there, I start sounding like Jed..."Ain't He Just Good!!"

jkstrib said...

We feel just as blessed to have you, Kevin and of course my precious Emily as part of our family. God always has a plan and I am so glad He included letting us serve Him together. You know I love you all.