Thursday, April 12, 2007

We had a visiting author, Crystal Ball O'Connor, today at school. She wrote a book about an experience she and her son Jake had on the South Carolina coast with monarch butterflies. I learned so much today about the monarch butterfly from her interesting and entertaining presentation to our students and faculty.
Did you know......
.......their bright orange and black coloring warns birds not to eat them? They taste really yucky to birds.
........they migrate from Canada and the northern part of the US to spend winter in warm place? the fall they fly to a particular place in the mountains of Mexico where you can see millions of them covering the trees and ground?
.........they save up all their energy and strength until spring and then journey back to the US?
.........they lay their eggs on only one kind of plant (milkweed) before they die to create a new generation of butterflies?

Why my fascination today with the butterfly? When you stop to think about God's vast creation, a butterfly may seem insignificant, small and fragile. But think about how God created it....they transform from an egg laid on the underside of a milkweed leaf to a caterpillar to a chrysalis to a beautiful butterfly...think about us before we became one of God's resurrected creations...we were just an ugly old caterpillar. God wrapped us up in the chrysalis of His grace and made us a beautiful brightly shining "Monarch butterfly". Think about 2 Corinthians 5:17. He cares enough for the Monarch butterfly to create such a life cycle and equipped them for their life span. How much more does He love you and I who were created in His image?

Next time you see a butterfly, be reminded you are a NEW creation in Christ and He loves you!

If I have sparked your interest in the butterfly, click on the picture to go to a great website that has lots of info and cool pictures.