Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Great Picture and It's a SMALL World!

I don't usually open emails that have been forwarded several times, but this came from my old friend Toby, so I thought I would read it. I couldn't help but grin from ear to ear being the dog lover I am. I wonder if I can teach Molly to do this when we pray? Just look at those faces....too precious.

It's a Small World
I went with our 6th graders today to Swofford Career Center for a field trip. I walked into one of the rooms with my usually oblivious self and I heard someone say, "Hey, Julie". It was Johnnie-Lynn Crosby, Mr. Dearybury's sister. I learned we have some things in common I never knew. She is working on certification to be a career development facilitator and so am I! She also works at CareerSource...see, you learn things about people you have known forever sometimes! Brother, we talked about you...all good, of course! :)


Jed said...

I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!! No wonder she ahsnt been bloggin!! SHe is busy working... Unlike some people!!!