Friday, March 23, 2007

6th Grade Drama!


This has been an interesting day for the counselor at NPE. 6th grade girls...need I say more? I sat with three girls who were having a disagreement (aka fight) who was friends with know the drill...she said that you said that I said....auggghhhhhhhhh...why can't we all just get along! :)

The more we talked the more the REAL issues began to rise to the top. One has a mother and father who are both in prison for a very LONG time...she rarely sees them as they are both incarcerated in out of state facilities and only gets to talk to them occasionally...the other says I kinda know how you mom works all the time because we need the money...and she never tells me she loves me...I feel all alone when I go home...the last one witnessed her grandfather's death all by herself...she called 911 and now feels guilty because they were unable to revive him...God reminded me today there are hurting children and people all around me. Can I solve these "rock problems", but I sure can love on them while they are with me.

Look around...who needs some loving? Be the hands of Christ in someone's life today.


Matt said...

I am thankful for GC's like you who can absorb some of the drama that I encounter about all day everyday.
My drama yesterday was a girl who began vomiting when her boyfriend of 2 weeks broke up with her.
I actually felt sorry for this one.