Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sleepless in Spartanburg!

I have to tell you about Tuesday night. I got to spend a night at the, not for pleasure believe me! I had a sleep study done and Regional has worked out a great deal with the Marriott....a beautiful room with a view equipped with TV, etc and room service breakfast which consisted of eggs, bacon, hash browns, toast, juice and a great cup of hot coffee...delivered to your door on a lovely tray filled with a REAL linen napkin, REAL silverware (unlike the "sporks" we get at school that cut your lips and the napkins that smell like Clorox!), assorted jellies in the cutest little jars...I had the most wonderful technicians...Karen Bishop and Lori McClure, who happen to be members of the best church in the world...AMRBC! OK, those are the good things....

Here are the have to walk into the Marriott (which had no less than 3 meetings going on that night!) without any makeup or hairspray. OK....those of you who know me well, know I love my BIG hair held up with my favorite Kenra hairspray (thanks, Misty for keeping supplied!) and I wouldn't be caught anywhere without "paint on the barn" as Shirley would say and here are all these folks walking around the lobby in the best hotel in Spartanburg and there I sit with no warpaint. Talk about torture...who knows if "Mr. Right" wandered through and ran screaming from the lobby!!!! I did include that on my list of suggestions! Then, they put you in this beautiful room with a comfy pillow top bed...sounds great, huh....what you have to realize is then they come back with a bajillion wires and start to attach them to your head, your neck, your legs, your chest and pretty soon you look like a cyborg from Star Trek or something....then they attach all the wires to this box they hang around your neck, put these straps around your waist to hold all those wires in place and then attach a pulse monitor to the other side. I then think with relief...they are finally finished...but no! The last piece is a tiny microphone which is placed right under your nose (and tickles you all night l0ng) so they can record your breathing and snoring....I bet that symphony will make the top ten list one day! How I wish I had a picture of all that...Karen and Lord threatened to put me on the "big screen" at AMRBC. I'll be sure they receive a healthy tip in the mail for their great service! :)

What an adventure! Oh, here's the kicker...Dr. Smith has determined I do indeed have apnea (like Tom Crabtree!) so I get to have this fun all over again so I can get one of the sleep machines! God does have a sense of humor!!!!