Friday, February 23, 2007

Prayer Request

Please pray for Carmen's sister and for her family as they care for her children. Remember as you pray God is faithful and He is our Ebenezer...

I was just sending a note to ask for prayer for my sister Amanda (Sophie's mom.....& Savannah, & Abby) We are not sure yet if she has MRSA but she definitely has a very bad, rapid moving infection. She went to Urgent Care Tuesday and basically they gave her antibiotics and told her to call back if she didnt get better after the weekend. I began to get panicked Wednsday night because the small place on her stomach had grown much bigger, she had developed a nodule under her arm and a place was developing on her breast and faintly on her forehead. I finally convinced her to go to the emergency room and it was worse than even I thought. They had to go in and debride those areas and pack her wounds. She was awake for this and apparently not even numb enough but the doctor said it was urgent to get it done. She is at home under quarantine and I just wanted to ask you to pray for her because she is afraid and alone. We really can't do anything for her but take care of her children and see that she gets what she needs but you can imagine how frightening it would be when the people in the hospital showed up gloved. She goes back to the hospital tomorrow to have the packing removed so pray that this is good and there is no more infection.