Thursday, February 8, 2007

Molly the Chicken Thief!

Molly is a chicken thief! On Sunday, I went to Bilo and decided to buy a chicken breast for my lunch. It was cheaper to buy two, so I bought one for lunch on Monday. I got busy preparing some snacks for a Super Bowl party and forgot about the one left for Monday. I left it sitting in a styrofoam container halfway back on the kitchen counter and left to enjoy a great Super Bowl party. When I got home, the empty container was in the kitchen floor...there wasn't even a trace of grease or a crumb or a bone in the container. Molly was snoozing and snoring on the couch (obviously with a full tummy)! She doesn't look like a chicken thief. I know she loves her Mama and would never want to hurt her, but the smell of that chicken got the best of her. How many times does the world lure us into places we don't want to go or don't mean to go because we are blinded by what we "have" to have? Who would have ever thought I could learn something from a beagle!


Mr. Dearybury said...

What a beagle...What a lesson....I think you should change her name to Snoopy...He was a beagle full of lessons!