Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas is almost here!

My friend Jed Dearybury inspired me to start this blog. I hope we can use it to keep up with each other, share our joys and sorrows, prayer concerns and just love on each other. I will get the ball rolling with the ramblings of my heart today.

Christmas is almost here. I can truly identify with the old saying that the older you get the faster it goes by. As I sit here today after school I am thinking about all the children I saw today and the pure joy and excitement on their faces because of Christmas. In their little eyes and minds all they can think about is what Santa is going to leave under their tree. I can vividly remember many sleepless Christmas Eve nights and shaking with anticipation under the covers of my bed. I can remember flying down the hallway to the living room with our beautiful aluminum tree and color wheel (those over 40 KNOW what I am talking about!) to see what Santa had left.
Now I pray I will have that same kind of excitement and anticipation over what Jesus brings to me everyday. Let me put it into perspective for you...Emmanuel...God with us. He left His heavenly home to come to earth for you and for me. Behind the manger will always loom the shadow of the cross. He chose to come walk an earthly road to understand what it would be like for He would know what it is like to suffer physically and emotionally. I have to let that thought sink in. I find comfort in knowing He really understands what I go through. More importantly, not only does He understand, He is concerned about what concerns me and you. Our God never slumbers or sleeps.

Aren't you glad He became Emmanuel? GOD WITH US....FOREVER.

Prayer Concerns:
Steve Dyar
Aunt Pat's family...God is working! :)

Christmas musical...I am praying you are listening to the last song! :)

As always,
Love ya! Mean it!


Mr. Dearybury said...

I am so proud that you copied me!!!! I am honored to read your blog!

Jimmy Moore said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Julie! This is a GREAT way to stay in touch with the choir and I hope people avail themselves of this technology. THANKS "Mr. Dearybury" for inspiring the birth of this blog. :D SEE YA!

Jimmy Moore