Saturday, February 27, 2010

First Coupon Adventure!

Today I tried my hand at couponing! I worked for a couple of hours this morning getting all my coupons gathered and my list made.

I bought $283.89 worth of groceries for 163.05. I feel pretty good about what I got. I won't have to do any more shopping this month except for produce and maybe some more meat.

Here's my list of what I bought today:
4 cans of corn
4 cans of green beans
4 cans of french style green beans
2 Betty Crocker brownie mixes
2 boxes of Lipton tea bags
2 cans of PAM
1 can of Reddi Whip
2 tubs I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
2 bags of Kraft cheese
2 pkgs of Kraft sliced cheese
2 loaves of bread
1 box of Smucker's Uncrustable
6 cans of Hunt's tomato sauce
1 can of Hunt's pureed tomatoes
2 cans of Muir Glen organic tomato sauce
2 boxes of Uncle Ben's brown rice
4 boxes of Progresso broth
2 canisters of Progresso bread crumbs
1 bag of stuffing
2 bags of dog food (the most expensive item on my list!)
2 bags of Pedigree Dentastix
1 Pedigree Jumbone
3 bottles of Coffee Mate
1 jar of sugar free Polaner preserves
2 pkgs of Reynolds wrap
3 boxes of Cheerios
4 cans of Light Pringles
1 bag of Baked Lays
6 containers of Dannon yogurtP
1 carton of Eggland's best
1 Hillshire farms ham
1 Hillshire farms roast beef
1 6 pk of Scoot tissue
4 Pillsbury pizza crust
4 Pillsbury crescent rolls
2 bottles of Wish Bone light ranch
1 pkg of Pepperidge Farms deli flats
1 box of Heart Smart Bisquick
2 boxes of Ritz crackers
1 16 oz Breakstone light sour cream
1 Sobe Lifewater
4 cans of Progresso soup
1 Marie Callenders sesame beef
3 cartons of egg beaters
1 jar of peter pan peanut butter
1 pkg of boneless pork chops
1 pack of Bic ink pens
1 box of Fiber One toaster pastries

After Publix, I hit Bilo. I spent $40.74 for $61.75. Didn't do as well here, but I did earn double fuel perks.... Here's what I got at Bilo:

2 boxes of Rice Krispie treats
1 Special K fruit crisps
3 boxes of whole wheat pasta
3 No calorie powerade
5 Sobe lifewater
1 jar of Smucker's preserves
1 jar of apple jelly
2 boxes of Purex 3-in-1 laundry sheets
1 bag of frozen hash browns
1 bag of tater tots
1 bag of guilt free dog treats
4 pkgs of Canadian bacon

Although it takes alot of time, the savings were worth it to me today!
Kim, I didn't do as well as you, but I feel good about my first attempt!


Kim said...

YAY!! Wow you dover right in! 2 stores? I'm seriously impressed! I've been at it a year and only recently have I been hitting up 2 stores a week. You're doing awesome! Keep it up! Soon we'll be the people who spend $7 a week on groceries :)

Andrea said...

YEA!!! Good Job, Ju Ju! Trust me, once you start, you will become a coupon addict like me! ; )

Andrea and Anna Mills

Donna Mills said...

I desparately need to learn to coupon. I spend way to much money just running here and there buying stuff at the last minute. Teach me oh wise one!

Alison said...

Yay JuJu!! I agree with Andrea you will become addicted! :)