Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mary Alice's Baptism

On Sunday, we traveled to Lexington for Mary Alice's baptism. Any day you get to spend time with your family is a great day!Look at this sweet angel sleeping peacefully on her big day!
Patrick, Ali and Mary Alice during the baptism.
This banner was at the front of the church. The proud parents and grandparents. You can't see Ali's dad in this picture. He is on the other side of the pastor. Ali's dad is a Methodist minister and he baptized Mary Alice.
The pastor showing our beautiful girl to the congregation. Patrick, Ali, Mary Alice and their church friends. Look at all the babies! :)Patrick, Ali and Mary AliceI look just like my Daddy! Grandad, GeGe, Patrick, Ali, Mary Alice, Aunt Sally & Uncle Ben
The Graham side of the family...The Stribling side of the family...The Towery side of the family...Three generations....My Aunt Pam loves me so!Uncle Bob entertaining Mary Alice.