Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Let the MADNESS begin...

Please scroll down to the bottom for an update!

Tomorrow afternoon, March Madness will officially tip off.
My Yahoo bracket is done. If you have a perfect bracket at the end of the tournament you will win $1,000,000! Pretty sure I will be out of the running for that prize! ;)

I LOVE NCAA basketball and will watch as many games as I can.
My favorite basketball team, the Tar Heels take the court @ 2:50 tomorrow afternoon, so I will be able to get home and see most of the game. I have been praying for Ty Lawson's big toe....yes...his big toe! UNC really needs him on the court during this tournament or we might be one of the #1 seeds upsets!
These are the other ACC teams in the tourney:
Yes, I will pull for Clemson because of Ben, Crystal and Ray! But it really hurts!
I will pull for Wake Forest because of my friend Sterling.

Really not a BC fan, so it won't hurt my feelings if they get eliminated early!
I will pull for Maryland over a team from another conference, but their coach whines too much for my taste!

Florida State...not high on my list since they knocked the Heels out of winning the ACC tournament last weekend!

Ok, I will pull for Duke because Mary Alice & her mommy & daddy are Duke fans! ;)


Alison said...

How dare you pull for Clemson and not DUKE!!! You hurt Mary Alice's feelings! :)

jkstrib said...

I would never hurt Mary Alice's feelings, so I will pull for Duke!! :)

Alison said...

YEA!!! Mary Alice is very happy now! Maybe now she will sleep through the night for mommy tonight! :)