Sunday, February 1, 2009

Molly's big audition!

On Wednesday, Molly will be going to IIS to audition to be the reading mascot for our school! Our literacy coach is looking for some ways to excite children about reading so she asked if Molly could come to school and let children read to her. Molly is a little nervous, but she has been rehearsing for the big day at home. She has an IIS t-shirt to wear and her name badge is ready....she really wants the part!

She has her reading glasses ready!

She has been practicing with some books here at home. Molly likes fiction the best.
Just a side note...Molly will celebrate her 4th birthday sometime this month. This is picture taken the day she came to live with me. Mama, Daddy, Sally, Patrick and I rode to Woodruff to get her. I wrote a $40 check and she was MINE! She had several brothers and sisters. I hope they found good homes too. She cried and howled all the way home. I can still hear Sally in the back seat telling her there was no need to cry because she was going to be living the good life now! She only weighed 4 pounds when I picked her up that day. She was a good puppy and very easy to train. I hung a small wind chime on the back door to house train her. Now she knocks the wind chime with her nose when she needs a potty break....such a smart girl. Molly's only downfall is her gets her in lots of trouble. If she ever gets loose, her nose hits the ground and she if off and running! Once the nose is working, she becomes deaf, blind and very disobedient. Ask me sometime about the 30 mins I spent under the neighbor's house or the time I ended up at the bank down the street from my house in my pj's! :)
Baby Molly!
She has grown into such a big girl and she IS the bestest beagle around...unless you ask Sally or Ben....the proud owners of her beagle cousins!


christa said...

Molly is one cool dog!

Stacy said...

Aww such cute pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

You know Molly is like her Auntie Joye..she curls up with a good book and she will be fast asleep! Good luck Molly! I know you will be awesome:)

Donna Mills said...

Beaula is the same way with the nose. She goes to potty and the nose hits the ground and she is very deaf and blind. I had to haul her fat behind across about 5 acres in the summer heat because I couldn't find the leash. We love her sooo much!