Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday...

Ten things I am thankful for....

  1. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who I grow to love more and more with each passing minute of the day.
  2. My precious family...from Mama & Daddy to those babies, our extended family of cousins...I am incredibly blessed. He has been so faithful to our family.
  3. My church family who deepen and stregthen my faith each time I worship & serve with them. AMRBC is a special place.
  4. My school family...again God has given me an extra measure of His blessing. I work with WONDERFUL people.
  5. My YaYa's....Sandra, Joye, Coral, Susan, Ms. Di....I couldn't get through this life without you. We have shared it all...tears, joys, sorrows, triumphs, & defeats!
  6. MOLLY! She is the best dog around. Even now as I type, her snoring makes me smile!
  7. The gift of music....it brings much joy to my life.
  8. Laughter...it gets me through the day!
  9. My job and being able to work with children every day.
  10. ACC basketball! I LOVE IT! Go Heels!!

Thanks, Stacy for the idea!


Stacy C. said...

Great list. I found this on a friends site and thought I would be fun!

JuJu and Family said...

Hi there, I had to leave a comment when I saw your name. That isn't all we have in common (more on that later). Stop by my place if you have time. I'm having a giveaway. Take Care