Thursday, November 13, 2008

For Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,
School budgets are being slashed which is why the counselors who attended paid for our conference fees and hotel...Not to mention the fact we also presented at this conference and paid out of pocket for all the materials we gave our fellow counselors. I am also a poor taxpaying school teacher, which is really low on the food chain of society, just trying to learn how to be a better counselor. Some school employees are now being furloughed (which means they are giving up five days of salary) due to budget cuts. We are being cut to the bone....

Thanks for reading!

PS...for the record, I am also footing the bill for Charleston Place!


Alison said...

I agree! Our teachers were told they could not go to any conferences this year. It is crazy!!!!!!!!! This budget cut has really messed things up at our school.

Anonymous said...

That is TERRIBLE that you had to spend your own money! I don't know of any other profession that is expected to do that!!! Isn't there someone at your central office (like those that make close to or more than $100,000) that could at least write a grant to cover those expenses????

Donna Mills said...

You go JuJu. The anonymous person probably also believes we school teacher really only work from 8 to 3 every day and have all summer off as well. How little does he/she know about the education system. Luv Ya! Mean It!