Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Bob!

Today is Bob's 57th birthday. He is married to my sister Pam and is the grandad to Anna Camille and Emma. Bob is the handy man in our family. He can fix things and put down laminate flooring. (I still owe you big for that one!) He's the one I call when my car won't start or I can't figure out how to fix the handle on the toilet...Here are some facts about Bob.

  • He loves his family with all of his heart.
  • He loves his vintage Corvette.
  • He can grow some tall sons...he's the short one now!
  • His hair does not move and is never messed up. Cosort is a good thing!
  • He learned the hard way ladders, trucks and saws are not a good combination.
  • He is always willing to help out when you get on the Bob's Saturday schedule.
  • He is a hard worker.
  • He LOVES to pick on his sister in law and nephews, his sons, his mother in law, his niece, his brother in law...pretty much everyone.
  • He was brave enough to go fishing with Daddy BEFORE he married Pam.
  • He is a very important part of our family and we love him!

Hope you have a great birthday, Bob! Make sure Mom has the check written before you give her a hard time! :)