Sunday, August 3, 2008

Choral Festival!

I am whipped!! From Tuesday until today has been packed full to the brim. Wednesday night will become one of my stones of remembrance! I was amazed at the sound & the spirit. It was so much fun to stand in front of so many singers. WOW! God used you to minister to the body of Christ in a mighty way. I heard from so many people at the conference about how much your singing uplifted them and brought them in a spirit of worship before the King! He is sooooo good to us. A special thank you to Ms. Diane for the opportunity! It was unforgettable! Thank you for sacrificing of your time to participate. Thanks to Brian for giving up rehearsal time for us to do so. I love you all so much and I am so proud to be a part of the music family at AMRBC. God continues to do great things for His Kingdom through you! I love you, mean it!! :)

Friday night we had the privilege of hearing Guy Penrod, Charles Billingsley & the choir and orchestra from Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Va. There were times I literally could not breathe because the music was so intense and the Spirit was so thick. Man, it was good!

During the week we got to see the Splat Experience...The artist's name is Mark Eckel. It was so moving. Make sure you watch the video full screen. It is a few minutes long, but definitely worth watching.

Hope you have a good week! School is just around the bend! Oh goody!!!


Joye said...

Girl, I am whipped too! What a week.... It was well worth all the blood, sweat and tears to see folks who walked through the doors on Wednesday afternoon who were discouraged and to the point of giving up, walk away on Saturday with an encouraged heart and refreshed spirit. Can you believe we will start on next year in two weeks???????

jkstrib said...

From a participant's point of view, it was incredible. So much music, but more than that, so much spiritual food to feast on. I met so many neat people too. CS does a great job...I know it is a huge undertaking but well worth it! Thanks for all your hard work and for always getting us a great seat! I felt special!!

Megie said...

I love the video. Thanks for sharing.