Saturday, July 26, 2008

Choral Festival Announcements!

  • If you have not given me your spiritual birthday, please make sure you see me Sunday or email it to me so I can make you a sign. I need the month and year of your salvation.
  • Rehearsal will be at First Baptist, Spartanburg, in the sanctuary @ 7:00. Please make sure you bring your Redeemed & Heaven books with you!
  • There has been a time change for Wednesday per Mike Speck. You need to be at First Baptist @ 5:15. Please remember to try & carpool due to limited parking!
  • Dress for Wednesday night is casual...No shorts or denim. Ladies, capris are fine.
  • TICKET INFO: Ms. Diane told me yesterday they had decided against using the tickets, so your family & friends can just come on Wednesday night. I would tell them to get there pretty early if they want a seat!
  • I appreciate your sacrifice to participate in this special event. Thank you, Brian for giving up a night of rehearsal so we can take part!
  • Pray for the church staff who will participate in choral festival. For many (probably most) this is a great time of renewal and hearing from the Lord. Many of them will walk through the doors of the sanctuary Wednesday night defeated, brokenhearted, confused, searching...but as we enter into worship God will begin to speak and meet will be a special time!! Be ready!!!!