Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day Two!

Highlights from Day Two...

  • Waking up from a good night's sleep after a LONG day!
  • Worship...WOW! I can't describe what it was like to listen to the Puerto Rican people worship God in Spanish. While I didn't understand a word of it, God ministered to me as I listened. It gave me cold chills to know He understands us all. We serve an amazing God!
  • The praise band and singers were great. I loved all the music. They sang and worshipped for 5o minutes nonstop! I never saw anyone sit down...they worship freely and with great passion!
  • Lunch was great. We had chicken, rice & beans. It was really good.
  • We visited our site for the first time. It was just a porch and a concrete foundation.
  • Meeting our crew and getting to know them. They were kinda quiet the first day, but that would soon change!
  • Worship at camp each night was phenomenal. I love to worship with young people! They sing and worship with no reserve. They hold nothing back. God used them this week to teach me about worshipping Him. He deserves every ounce of my being as I worship.
  • Monday is coming...the anticipation of what He will build is exciting! :)