Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Birthday, John...

Today is my brother in law, John's birthday. He is exactly 10 years older than me and his birthday is one month after mine. John is a very special member of our family. He is married to my sister Alice and is father to Ben, Patrick, Ali and Sally. John is a great husband, father and disciple of Jesus Christ. He is very active at Southside where he serves as a deacon and sings in the choir! :)

Here are some of our favorite things about John:

  • He is very patient in a family of super impatient people!
  • He is always there when you need him and is a great son in law & brother in law.
  • He is very thrifty as Sally would say!
  • He has the "gift of beard" per nephew Rob.
  • He puts up with all of us finishing his sentences for him! ;)
  • He drives a truck no one else can drive!
  • He can load a dishwasher like NO ONE else.
  • He has a passion for serving others through local, state & international missions.

Happy Birthday, John! I hope you have a great day! Love you, mean it!