Monday, March 3, 2008

A great weekend....

It all started Friday night....Sally got a CAR!!! Alice and John completely surprised her in the parking lot of Moe's! She had eaten at Moe's with cousins Brittany and Claire and went to G'ville to go shopping. They left Claire's car at Moe's. Alice and John picked up Sally's car and parked it beside Claire's and then they waited....When they drove into the parking lot of Moe's, Alice called Sally and asked how she was getting home. Sally said Claire would bring her. Then Alice said she hated for Claire to have to drive her, Sally, you drive YOUR car.'s parked right beside Claire's car!! I think Sal Gal was speechless...for just a minute!!! Here is a picture of Sally yesterday beside her new ride! Yea, Sally!!

Yesterday was another very special day in the life of our family. Emma Katherine was dedicated to the Lord at Casey Creek Baptist Church. On the left are Crystal, Emma & Matt. On the right are Brandy, Thad, & Todd. Brandy is Crystal's sister. Thad, her nephew, was dedicated also.

Matt, Crystal & Emma standing at the altar where her mommy & daddy got married!

Emma Katherine, Anna Camille and their mommies and daddies!
As the pastor said yesterday, children are a gift from God. Our family is so very blessed. I pray you will walk diligently with the Lord each day so that Emma & Anna Camille will continue to grow and one day come to know Jesus as their Lord & Savior. It is a joy to watch you as you love and care for these precious little girls. You are all wonderful parents and I am very proud of you.


Megie said...

Do you mean Casey Creek Baptist near Parris Bridge Road? If so, that is just a stone's throw from our house. Congrats Sally on your new car, what a beauty!

Matt said...

Too cool! I did Brandy's long-term sub before Christmas. Small world.