Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sal Gal is 16!

This is a belated birthday post to Sally Baby!

On Monday, January 27, 1992, the Washington Redskins were celebrating their Super Bowl victory the night before. We were celebrating the birth of Sarah Clare (Clare for her Grandad!)into our family. How we had waited for this little bundle of joy...after four wonderful, handsome boys...we were due for a girl. Aunt Pam and I were primed! We had bought dresses and hairbows galore!

Sally was a perfect, beautiful baby. I can remember standing at the nursery window looking in at her. I cried, as I had done before with my nephews, when I saw her for the first time. Everyone in the family spoiled her rotten as a little girl. I can still see Bob & John with pig ears on as they acted out the story of the 3 Little Pigs for her. (Yes, I do have pictures!) Sally and I began the tradition of baking cookies for Santa together. We attempted to make a gingerbread house one year....we called it our gingerbread lean to....we weren't really successful, but we had fun.

Sally is
  • a great student with big goals
  • a member of the chorus (yea!)
  • actively involved with her youth group
  • a disciple of our Lord
  • a wonderful friend to all her buddies
  • fun, loving, kind, smart,
  • Daisy's mom
  • a fashion expert for her Mama & aunts

I am so glad our heavenly Father gave us the privilege of having you in our family and I am very proud of the young lady you are growing up to be. Love you, mean it!


Megie said...

Happy Birthday Miss Sally. You are a beautiful young lady and the apple of your Aunt Ju-Ju's eye.