Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What a wonderful, unexpected surprise!

When our secretary called me and asked me to step around to the office....well...that request never brings something pleasant. But today, much to my surprise, this is what was waiting on me. I LOVE getting flowers and I LOVE roses! These are a beautiful mixture of pink, white and yellow.

The reason for the post is came with a card and a note, but it was anonymous!! So, to whomever sent this floral blessing....THANK YOU!

They made today much brighter and encouraged me beyond words. Plus, now all the office staff thinks I have a secret admirer! ;) Toooo funny...they think their counselor has been holding out on them!!! Confidentiality is the name of the game in my business.

But, if there are any eligible, godly, funny, just like my Daddy fellows out are a great idea!!! :) Just kidding!!!!!


Andrea said...

Okay... why weren't we let in on the secret????

Anonymous said...

Just ask if he has a brother...with money! Joye

Chris said...

Hmmmm....You sure there is nothing you want to fill us in on there JuJu!! :-)