Thursday, January 17, 2008


The best things about snow days:

  • Getting the call at 5:15 and hearing your principal say....NO SCHOOL, enjoy your day!
  • Crawling on the couch following the phone call and going back to sleep with the world's sweetest dog snoring at your feet.
  • Enjoying a leisurely breakfast while watching TV
  • Drinking coffee while looking out the window enjoying the beautiful scenery. Snow makes the ugliest things look beautiful.
  • Thinking about how God makes our sins as white as snow through the blood of Jesus. It makes the thought above ring really true. He does make the ugliest of sinners like me beautiful in His sight.
  • Doing nothing and not feeling guilty about it!!!!

Hope you enjoy your snow day.


Alison said...

I hope you enjoy your snow day! Patrick and I did get alittle snow. We had a snowball fight last night at 9:30 with the snow on our cars, but by 10:00 it was all rain :(

Anonymous said...

Glad your home...well, not really 'cause I'm at work. JH