Wednesday, October 17, 2007

OMG! 17 Days!!

Ok....tonight will be a wee bit different. Sara Beth and I are going to divide and conquer.

  • The first part of rehearsal will be sectionals.

  • Sara Beth & men will move to one of the upstairs SS rooms.

  • I will be working with the ladies. We will meet on the PIANO side.


  • We will meet back at 8:15 to cover Sunday am & run through what we have practiced.

Love ya, mean it! See you tonight!


Megie said...

JuJu- I had a newcomer to the choir approach me today about a situation. Because it is allergy season for so many people, this lady was wondering if you could ask the choir to refrain from wearing perfume or cologne in the choir and especially on the bus ride to Bama? I told her I would handle it. Just tell everybody to take a shower and use deodorant. Maybe that will do the trick until allergy season is over. I know that some fragrances can be very over-powering. Ronnie may be a liitle late because he is coming in from Nashville, Tn., but he will be there.

Love ya-