Thursday, July 12, 2007

Report on Steve & Great News!

Sterling updated us on Steve tonight. He will be having 2 procedures tomorrow in Charleston. They are going to try again to stretch his esophagus and then they are going to go through his back to draw the fluid off of his lungs. These sound like pretty painful procedures...continue to stand in the gap for Steve, Susan and the children.

We found out today, my nephew Rob and his wife Andrea are having a girl! We think we name will be Anna Camille. To say we are overjoyed is an understatement! Hurry up, December!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for Rob and Andrea!! That precious baby is so blessed to be a part of the Stribling family. I like the name..and I bet I know someone who is thrilled about the name too! Congrats to all... Love to all. Joye

alison said...

Patrick and I can't wait to have another girl in the family! We are having a great time on vacation! Love ya!

jkstrib said...

Amen, Ali...our girl population is on the rise thanks to great marriages and babies! Another girl to take shopping! Yea!! Enjoy the rest of your stay at the beach. Hope to see you soon. Love to all!