Monday, May 14, 2007

Matt and Crystal

I want you to meet my nephew Matt and his precious wife, Crystal. Matt is in his 2nd year of med school and Crystal is a 4K teacher in Richland County. It is so hard for me to realize that these "children" are adults. I still see them riding off to the prom in Bob's Corvette!

Yesterday we all gathered at Mama and Daddy's to celebrate Mother's Day. All the Mamas were opening presents and sister Pam showed us a grandparent's photo album Matt and Crystal had given her. I opened the cover and on the first page was Baby Elliott due January 8th. I looked at Crystal and said no.....when she shook her head yes....Auntie Alice and I screamed once again and jumped to our feet to hug and kiss the latest set of expectant parents in our family. TWO BABIES BY THE FIRST OF NEXT YEAR!!!! Can I just say again, God is good.

So, when you say a prayer for our family, ask the Lord to be with all the expectant parents as they prepare for these precious gifts of God. I know they will all be wonderful parents. I can't wait to meet all these babies....Great auntie has a wonderful ring to it!


Anonymous said...

Tell Matt and Crystal that Joye is a great name too! Both babies are blessed!!! How Exciting!!!! Joye

alison said...

We are so excited about the new babies! We just hope we don't drink the water that they have been drinking! :)