Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Special Olympics 2

Can I just say I had a great time today? Our little kids were so excited! They ran races, threw softballs, played games and won ribbons and prizes. I wish you could have seen their faces. Priceless! Days like today remind me why I do what I do. My little buddy, DJ (not to be confused with your pastor), kept telling me how pretty I was and "I wuv you". Ok...at this point I would have moved mountains for this kid...What did I do to warrant all this??? Nothing...but hold his hand all day and be with him. It was an absolute privilege and I am glad it was mine.

I got to see one of our choir members at work today. He is super at what he does. He introduced me to his friend Bradley. It was obvious that Bradley and all the other children in his class love him, not to mention the teacher he works with. He has found a great way to spend retirement. I am sure there will be rewards and crowns in heaven because of his faithful service and his love for his students. Who am I talking about??? None other than, John Anthony, who gave my buddy DJ a bead necklace and thrilled him to death. Way to go, John!!!! I am proud to be a friend and a fellow Inmanite with you!

Thank you, Lord for today. It was FUN!!!!!!!!