Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Molly has a new cousin!!!

This is Duke, who is the latest addition to our ever growing dog family. His humans are Patrick and Alison, my youngest nephew and his precious wife. They have just moved into a new house in Lexington, SC. They also have a cat named Lexi. I forgot to ask last night how he and Lexi were getting along.

Molly is excited about meeting and playing with her new cousin, Duke. I am sure he will fit right in with Molly, Sadie, Savannah, Dixie, and Daisy might be another story! ;) Daisy (niece Sally's dog) can be a wee bit antisocial with other dogs! But, Daisy can howl and sing on command with the best of them, so she provides endless entertainment! Welcome to the family, Mr. Duke. Aunt JuJu and cousin Molly look forward to meeting you. You are one lucky dog!


Alison said...

Thanks for putting Duke on the blog! He is famous! Lexy is doing ok! She is very jealous and was mad for a day! I hope they become good friends though! We are coming home after the beach weekend so hopefully everyone can see DUKE! He is ready to meet his cousin Molly!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Ali sent me to your site so that she could show off her new "baby" Duke. New puppy seems like great baby practice to me. Maybe I'll get a little neice or nephew soon! Haha! -Kelly