Monday, April 23, 2007

Great food, great fellowship, great fun!

I had a "Mayberry" day yesterday. Let me was filled with delicious home cooking, a great time of being with some of my adopted "family" and LOTS of good for the soul laughter...the kind that makes you double over. It was the kind of day you might see on an old Andy Griffith rerun. (which is my favorite show of all times!)

Joye and Diane entertained Jed, Matt and I for lunch yesterday. If you know anything about Diane Hall, you know she is FAMOUS for her cooking. We had country style steak with lots of gravy, baked chicken, fresh fried okra, green beans, broccoli casserole, corn, real taters (you know what I mean!), potato salad, slaw, dressing, cornbread, and pound cake for dessert...Lord, have mercy, we hurt ourselves because we ate so much. The fellowship was as great as the food...we sat around the table for a couple of hours swapping school stories and growing up stories. I laughed until I hurt. I thought yesterday this might be a little piece of heaven because everyone at the table knows and loves the Lord Jesus Christ with all their hearts. They are children of the King and so am I. We will spend eternity with each other and how much sweeter it will be there because there will be endless more pain or sorrow.

Thanks, Diane and Joye, for a great meal and all the fun. I'll let Jed tell you about Di's prayer! I won't steal his thunder even though it is 3:00 and he has YET to blog today...hmmmm, did we take another day off, Mr. D???