Monday, March 5, 2007

Ladies Retreat

I had a great time in the Lord with around 55 ladies from AMRBC. It was a pleasure to get to know some new friends and also spend some time with "old" friends. God taught us through His word and renewed our hearts. We had great fun playing cards and other games into the wee hours of Saturday morning.

We played some game that involved a red pen, a dice and a piece of paper. If you rolled a one or a six, you were to grab the one pen and start writing from 1 to 100 on your paper. Lord, have mercy, you should have seen all those women grabbing that pen.....I found out quickly some of those shy, quiet little ladies have me fooled! I got the pen yanked from my hand several times! I couldn't play the game for laughing~!

Sometimes it is so good just to sit around with great visit, to minister to each other and just to laugh. It is truly medicine for the soul. Thanks, Ladies! I needed it!